About us

The Charter School Bermondsey is a 600 place free school for pupils aged 11-16. Formerly Compass School Southwark, we opened in September 2013 to provide an outstanding education for local families.

The school is a new member of The Charter Schools Educational Trust; home to seven Good and Outstanding schools including The Charter School North Dulwich, The Charter School East Dulwich & Charles Dickens Primary School.

Through our schools, nurseries and sixth forms, our trust improves all children and young people’s lives, now and in the long term.

Our Trust’s Mission: Better Futures for Children

Our Trust’s Values:

  • We are inspiring
  • We achieve together
  • We act with integrity
  • We are inclusive

Our Vision:

  • Schools that Excel
  • People who Inspire
  • Partnerships that make a Difference

Collaboration is deep-rooted in our culture as we recognise that we are all responsible for all the children and young people across our family of schools and that only together will we be able to give them the best educational experiences and a better future. Achieving together is crucial for our work.

Our values of inspiration, inclusion and integrity also mean our great work is purposeful and done well. All our work will bear the hallmarks of excellence as we work towards our tripartite vision of schools that excel, people who inspire and partnerships that make a difference. Through this vision of a thriving and self-sustaining family of schools, we can respond to the ambition and needs of our pupils and their families.

Welcome, Charter Bermondsey, to the Charter Trust family. Together, we build better futures for children, nurturing their potential and shaping a world where every child’s tomorrow shines brighter.

Cassie Buchanan, OBE

CEO, The Charter Schools Educational Trust