Student Council

We firmly believe that our students have a part to play in our school community including opportunities for leadership. Our elected Student Council, with representatives from each year and learning family, has a strong voice and makes valuable contributions to enhance our provision. Led by Head Girl, Katie Lucas and Head Boy, George Thomas, they have opportunities to meet with the principal and governors to discuss their work, and with external visitors as ambassadors for the school.

They been able to effect real change including selecting new caterers, having a broader menu of choices for lunch and reducing plastic usage through the Eco Committee. In addition, our pupil-led Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and Golden Lions Club ensure The Charter School Bermondsey pupils feel supported by their peers.

Student Council Meeting with Chair of Governors

“Council members raised interesting questions and perspectives and debated them in a constructive way.  I was pleased to see the Y7 students participating fully, and the head boy and head girl gave good accounts of the actions that they are leading on.” Martin Deutz, Chair of Governors

Southwark Youth Parliament

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Mariam Ajayi and Milly Curtis-Ramsey (Year 11) were elected The Charter School Bermondsey’s representatives on the Southwark Youth Parliament for 2021-21. The parliament brings young people together to have a voice in Southwark. Recent meetings have included issues such as diversifying the curriculum for schools, disability access in our local area and meeting with representatives from the NHS. Over the course of the year, the group want to focus on tackling racial inequality, knife crime, mental health and creating a more disability-friendly borough.

“My priorities are reducing knife crime and bringing positivity to our community.” Mariam

“My priorities are supporting mental health in our community especially considering all the issues that have occurred due to Covid-19.” Milly

If you wish for a topic to be brought up, please approach Milly or Mariam. They are ready to represent your views.

We wish our Student Council and Youth Parliamentarians a fantastic year ahead.

Meeting of the Southwark Youth Parliament