The Charter School Bermondsey promotes the awareness of anti-bullying as a core part of its curriculum. In Relating students will discuss how to relate to others effectively, in Computing students explore the implications of cyber bullying and learn how to stay safe on the Internet, and in Learning Family Time and assemblies students will discuss bullying. Each year we run special events to speak out against bullying, and we always participate in ant-bullying week.

Anti-bullying ambassadors

Each year The Charter School Bermondsey trains a cohort of students to become anti-bullying ambassadors. Their role is to be a friendly ear for students who encounter bullying, and support with restorative conversations with students involved in bullying. The message from our school community and our anti-bullying ambassadors is clear – bullying is not tolerated at The Charter School Bermondsey.

As a result we take bullying very seriously, and our anti-bullying message has a strong presence in the school.

What is bullying?

Bullying is “the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.”

There are various forms of bullying which include:

  • Physical – e.g. hitting, kicking, taking belongings.
  • Verbal – e.g. name calling, insulting, racist remarks.
  • Indirect – e.g. spreading malicious rumours, excluding individuals from social groups, family feuds brought into school.
  • Cyber – e.g. use of email, social networking sites, mobile phone messaging to spread rumours, make malicious comments. (further information for reference in appendix 1)


Bullying is regularly discussed by staff and students during assemblies, learning family time and as part of the curriculum. In addition, the school has made it simple for students to report bullying. Students can report bullying by anonymously posting a note in the school bully box, by notifying a member of the school staff, or by reporting it online anonymously via our website here

Further, students can find more information about bullying online here


Bullying is always considered to be a serious incident at The Charter School Bermondsey, and will be dealt with through the school behaviour policy. You can read our policy here