Home-school Agreement

At The Charter School Bermondsey, we recognise that students achieve most when parents/carers and the School respect and value each other and share common aims.  We want to work with parents/carers to maximise our students’ achievements and successes in all areas. This document details our expectations of The Charter School Bermondsey students and their parents/carers along with what they can expect from the School.

As a school we will …

  • Provide a balanced and challenging curriculum which reaches beyond the classroom
  • Provide high quality teaching and inspirational learning opportunities
  • Value and respect each member of our community as an individual
  • Care passionately about the wellbeing of all students
  • Enable our students to develop into responsible caring adults
  • Providing a safe and inclusive environment which supports learning
  • Provide our students with a set of core values to support them as they grow
  • Provide regular reports and meetings to review every student’s progress
  • Listen to and respond to questions, concerns and queries, from parents
  • Ensure a positive relationship with your child’s Learning Family Tutor
  • Encourage our students to relate to all cultures and communities
  • Encourage punctuality and good attendance and follow up where this falls below 96%
  • Reward good behaviour, consistent effort and observance of The Charter School Bermondsey values
  • Have high expectations of behaviour, attainment and effort
  • Be consistent in the delivery of The Charter School Bermondsey behaviour for learning policy

Each member of the staff team will …

  • Set aspirational targets for every student
  • Provide regular opportunities for every student to excel
  • Be a role model to our students
  • Communicate with every student respectfully, openly and fairly

 The school Governors will …

  • Regularly review the school’s policies
  • Seek financial efficiency and value for money
  • Ensure compliance with statutory requirements, including Health and Safety
  • Monitor and review all aspects of the school’s work
  • Care passionately about the wellbeing of all students

As a student I will …

… be a positive member of The Charter School Bermondsey team, adopting a positive attitude and participate fully in the life of the school

I will be aspirational by

  • Coming to school with all the equipment I need and be ready to learn
  • Having high expectations and working to the best of my ability at all times
  • Taking responsibility for my own learning and asking my teachers what I can do to improve
  • Eating a healthy school lunch provided by the school, which I know will support my learning

I will demonstrate Integrity by

  • Wearing my uniform with pride
  • Showing respect for the school and its environment
  • Attend regularly ensuring that my attendance is above 96%, and attend catch up days if asked
  • Following the school rules, co-operating with staff honestly and respectfully

I will take the opportunity to explore further by

  • Completing learning beyond the classroom tasks
  • Taking part in trips and visits
  • Engaging positively in other opportunities offered within school
  • Grasping opportunities to enrich my curriculum and represent the school

I will be resilient by

  • Responding positively when facing challenges and obstacles in school
  • Caring about my wellbeing and safety, and the wellbeing and safety of others
  • Accepting consequences of my actions, and responding with appropriate language
  • Completing my weekly reflection in my The Charter School Bermondsey diary

 As a family, we will …

  • Value education and support The Charter School Bermondsey in its delivery of this
  • Ensure regular school attendance and punctually, aiming for attendance over 96%
  • Provide the necessary equipment and uniform for school
  • Take an interest in learning, and encourage time to complete aspirational learning beyond the classroom
  • Keep the school informed about any issues which may affect learning or behaviour
  • Attending all meetings arranged by the school
  • Encourage each other to always do their best, celebrating achievements with them
  • Read all correspondence from the school and respond when appropriate
  • Support the schools behaviour for learning policy and expect a high standard of behaviour

The importance of parents

Key research findings:

  •  Children of parents who take an active interest in their learning and show high levels of interest, progress significantly more (15%) than other children.
  •  Family influences have a much more powerful effect upon children’s attitudes and achievements than either the School or neighbourhood factors – even when these are added together.
  •  Between the ages of 5 and 16, children spend only a small proportion (15%) of their lives in school.

Why you are so important to us:

  •  Nobody knows children and young people as well as their parents/carers do! Parents/carers are often the only constant throughout a young person’s life.
  •  Young people can be very different in the School compared with at home. It is only by bringing the two together that a (relatively) complete picture is possible.
  •  The impact of parents’ interest and involvement on children’s learning is significant.
  •  We need to know what parents and families think of our current efforts, in order to know what you think is working well and what we can do to improve.