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Progress 8 +0.26 for this year’s GCSE students

DfE School Performance Tables show a headline Progress 8 score of +0.26 compared to the National average of -0.03. This means our students, on average, made more than a quarter of a grade better progress across their curriculum than those with similar starting points Nationally!

They progressed to wide-ranging opportunities including studying the renowned International Baccalaureate, A Levels, and apprenticeships, and one student took up a scholarship place at Dulwich College.

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Performance Measure 2022-23 Results
Grade 9-5 English and Mathematics 37%
Entering EBacc 78%
EBacc APS 4.11
EBacc 9-4 25%
EBacc 9-5 15%
Attainment 8 44.5
Progress 8 +0.26

GCSE 2021-22

We, therefore, recommend not making direct comparisons between schools, or with data from previous years. Comparisons with local and national averages can be made cautiously to put an individual school or college’s results into context.

The individual school and college data should be used with caution. It reflects a school or college’s results in 2021/22 but cannot provide information about the factors which may have influenced these results.

When forming a view of how well the school or college is doing, you should consider a range of different information sources, for example, discussing with the school or college directly, the school or college website, Ofsted reports, friends, and family.

Performance Measure 2021-22 Results
Grade 9-5 English and Mathematics 34%
Entering EBacc 75%
EBacc APS 3.85
EBacc 9-4 21%
EBacc 9-5 14%
Attainment 8 42.3
Progress 8 -0.48

GCSE 2020-21

We did it!  Students celebrate fantastic GCSE results

The Charter School Bermondsey students’ fantastic results continued our trend of year-on-year improvement and were all the sweeter following another year of disruption and uncertainty caused by national lockdowns. The school followed a robust process for awarding Teacher Assessed Grades and following sampling from the exam board, our grades were approved.

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Performance Measure 2020-21 Results
Grade 9-4 in English and Mathematics 62%
Grade 9-5 English and Mathematics 44%
Entering EBacc 71%
EBacc APS 4.3
EBacc 9-4 34%
EBacc 9-5 15%
Attainment 8 45.6
Progress 8 N/A

GCSE 2019-20

Our pupils’ achievements were well deserved!

This was an unusual year with pupils being awarded centre assessed grades for the very first time as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown. We are delighted with the grades our pupils were awarded. These build on the significant progress we made last year and enable our pupils to confidently progress to the next stage of their learning.

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Performance Measure 2019-20 Results
Grade 9-4 in English and Mathematics 62%
Grade 9-5 English and Mathematics 46%
Entering EBacc 70%
EBacc APS 4.46
EBacc 9-4 33.3%
EBacc 9-5 20.3%
Attainment 8 48.3
Progress 8 N/A

At The Charter School Bermondsey 97% of our pupils moved on to education or employment after KS4.

The chart depicts the percentage of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of their study:

GCSE 2018-19

Fantastic set of GCSE results!

In just our second year of GCSEs, pupils achieved outcomes in line with national expectations and with some stunning performances.

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Performance Measure 2018-19 Results
Grade 9-4 in English and Mathematics 57%
Grade 9-5 English and Mathematics 32%
Entering EBacc 86%
EBacc APS 4.11
EBacc 9-4 25%
EBacc 9-5 7%
Attainment 8 46.3
Progress 8 0.01

Department for Education Performance Tables