We are committed to providing an environment where every student can fulfil their potential, developing a secure body of knowledge, skills, values, and cultural experiences that enable them to participate in modern Britain as happy, independent, confident young people who are a force for good in their community and beyond.

In order to fulfil our vision, we feel it is important to work in partnership with parents to ensure each student experiences:

  • A culture of high expectations of learning and behaviour that extends beyond the school day
  • The full curriculum offer through 100% attendance to school
  • Zero tolerance of learning disruption, bullying, intimidation, discrimination or violence
  • Frequent celebration of positive attitudes and achievement
  • Care and concern for their welfare
  • Adjustments for special educational needs

Our Behaviour & Attendance Handbook shares our expectations and we use ClassCharts to ensure parents and students can check their progress in real time. This means seeing their levels of attendance, positive points and where corrections have been given.

We want you go to all in for your child’s success.

Marcus Huntley, Principal