An aspirational curriculum

Our students enjoy a diverse and engaging curriculum, further enriched by a strong sports, technology and creative arts offer. Our curriculum is ambitious with EBacc subjects, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, French, and Spanish at its core.

These are complimented by options in the Arts, Sport, Citizenship, Computing and Religious Studies. Charter Bermondsey broadens horizons by organising theatre trips, galleries, outward-bound residential programs, and even overseas visits, enriching learning to beyond the classroom.

Our Statement of Curriculum Intent sets out in detail, the framework of our curriculum and overview of the knowledge and skills we want pupils to gain.

Opportunities to explore

Our curriculum encourages our students to be curious and want to explore learning beyond the classroom. We broaden pupils’ experiences through our enrichment curriculum. This ranges from debating to leatherworkmusic instrument lessons and astronomy club. Tripsvisits and external partnerships also enhance our curriculum and allow students at all stages to deepen and embed their knowledge from the classroom in new contexts. 

Personal Development

In modern Britain it is not just enough to have good academic qualifications. Students must be equipped with skills, values and experiences that will allow them to succeed in a global community. Our personal development programme prioritises Personal, Social and Health Education, understanding of British Values and Careers Information Advice and Guidance. 

A knowledge-rich curriculum

Students who know more, find it easier to learn more, so our curriculum is knowledge-rich, offering a blend of knowledge and skills so that your child has the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop high level skills in all their subjects.

Supporting your child

As you explore our subject pages, you’ll find a range of resources that will enable you to support your child’s learning in and beyond the classroom.

  1. A Curriculum Map: A map that outlines the planned curriculum in each subject by term.
  2. Exemplar Knowledge Organisers: These exist in each subject and includes key information and key vocabulary that every student will need to know to access aspirational targets.

If you would like to find out more about the The Charter School Bermondsey Knowledge-rich Curriculum, please contact our Assistant Principal, Rory Beard, at