Freedom of Information

The Funding Agreement for The Charter School Bermondsey was signed in August 2013. Since opening, The Charter School Bermondsey has recieved a number of Freedom of Information requests. As a school we have two duties when responding to requests:

  • to tell the applicant whether you hold any information falling within the scope of their request; and
  • to provide that information.

Please find below our response to FoI requests which have been recieved since September 2013:

What was the PAN (Planned Admission Number) for this academic year for The Charter School Bermondsey prior to the school opening?

The PAN for The Charter School Bermondsey for Year 7 is 100, as stated in the Admissions policy on our website.

Has the PAN for The Charter School Bermondsey changed since the school opened and if so, what is the PAN now?

There have been no changes to our Admissions Arrangements since the school opened in September 2013. The school has just closed the consultation period with regards to Post-16 admissions from September 2015.

How many pupils did The Charter School Bermondsey have on roll when the school opened in September this year?

The Charter School Bermondsey Southark applications for places are made in accordance with Southwark LA’s co-ordinated admission arrangements, using the Common Application Form (CAF) provided and administered by the relevant local authority.

The school opened in September 2013 with 41 students.

What is the percentage of pupils known to be eligible for Free School Meals at The Charter School Bermondsey?

15 of our 41 students are eligible for Free School Meals, representing approximately 37% of our first cohort. 30 of our students (almost three quarters) are eligible for the Pupil Premium.

I would like to know to know the school’s total income accumulated from donations made by parents of students attending (or who have attended) the school. 

The Charter School Bermondsey has not recieved any financial, or other, donations from parents of students since the school opened in September 2013.

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