The Charter School Bermondsey is a mixed 11-16 school in the heart of Bermondsey.

We aim that all our pupils develop a secure body of knowledge, skills, values, and cultural experiences that enable them to build better futures for themselves and others.  We believe that all pupils have the potential to flourish, through great teaching and providing the right environment and opportunities.

Our core values of aspiration, integrity, exploration, and resilience underpin our mission and support our pupils to become happy, independent and confident young people. These drive all aspects of school life, from our high expectations for students and staff through to exciting opportunities to explore the world around us.

DfE School Performance Tables show a headline Progress 8 score of +0.26 compared to the National average of -0.03. This means our students, on average, made more than a quarter of a grade better progress across their curriculum than those with similar starting points Nationally.

Formerly Compass School Southwark (2013-23), we joined The Charter Schools Educational Trust (TCSET) in July 2023.

Explore our offer through this website, and read our Transition 2024 Prospectus.

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Pastoral Care

We understand that pupils will only reach their potential if they feel happy, safe and secure…

Careers Guidance

The Charter School Bermondsey is committed to providing Careers Education, Advice and…

Performing Arts

We offer a comprehensive provision including music instrument lessons and singing alongside our Drama and Music curriculum. Visit our curriculum pages to find out more.


Latest News

Charter Bermondsey Celebrates Black History Month 2023

We are excited to be part of this year's "Saluting our Sisters" theme for Black History Month. Our programme kicks off with a launch in Learning Family Time, sharing the importance of BHM with students, and this year's focus on women. We will…

Let’s Fly – Gliding Trip July 2023

Charter Bermondsey students took to the skies as part of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots’ initiative to get young people flying. Charter Bermondsey students were joined by students from Charter East Dulwich for a memorable experience…