School Meals and Nutrition

A nutritious school meal

Good nutrition at school is at the heart of a good education. This is supported by a wide pool of academic evidence, is supported by the NHS and forms part of the Department for Education guidance to schools. Students who eat lunch provided by the school are healthier, and achieve better academically.

This is one of the reasons why students are not permitted to bring a packed lunch to school and all students eat a school meal each day.

Each day every student at The Charter School Bermondsey is entitled to:

  • Breakfast – all students are entitled to breakfast at The Charter School Bermondsey (08:15), for no additional charge. This includes self-service toast and cereals.
  • Break time fruit – all students are entitled to free fruit. We encourage all students to eat at least one piece of fruit per day, and have a variety of different and sometimes unusual fruits available for students to try.
  • Nutritious hot or cold lunch – all staff and students eat a healthy cooked or cold prepared lunch in the Cafeteria. There are always meat-free and Halal options available, and our catering company Catering Academy ensures that the menu is varied.
  • Unlimited drinking water – we encourage students to carry a water bottle with them at all times, which they can fill from any tap in the school grounds, which all provide drinking water. Students should refill their bottle at least once each day.

Healthy snacks

Students can bring additional fruit or snacks to school if they choose. However, no fizzy drinks, or any sweets, chocolates, crisps or other snacks containing more than 100 calories are permitted. All staff are expected to monitor what we see students eating and will confiscate food where appropriate. 

Lunch Menus

To view or download a copy of our menus please click here for:

The cost of a school meal is currently £2.20. There is no meal charge for students eligible for free school meals.

Please find out if you are entitled to Free School Meals by completing this short application form.  You could save over £400 per year.

The Charter School Bermondsey Kitchen

Catering Academy is an independent contract catering company who are passionate about fresh food. We work with schools and colleges across the UK to provide homemade, fresh food that is fully compliant with the nutritional guidelines set out in the School Food Plan. We are proud to be working in partnership with The Charter School Bermondsey.

Our menu includes daily hot cooked meals (including a vegetarian option) as well as jacket potatoes, salad pots, sandwiches and baguettes. Our menus have been fully analysed; both in terms of their nutritional value and to highlight all potential allergens.

If your child suffers from any food allergies or intolerance, please make the School aware so that we can fully cater for their requirements.

We are working with the School to encourage as many students as possible to try the hot dish of the day. For those students that may be unsure about new and different foods, our friendly and approachable team welcome them to try any dish before choosing it. We will be featuring special theme days throughout the year so remember to check back regularly for exciting news on upcoming events.