Pastoral Care

We understand that pupils will only reach their potential if they feel happy, safe and secure at school. The Charter School Bermondsey is organised with pastoral care and support at our heart, and we pride ourselves on our supportive community.

Each pupil is carefully assigned to a Learning Family. The Learning Family Tutor sees pupils every morning and is a consistent point of contact, taking responsibility for guiding their personal, social and academic welfare and maintaining communication with parents. Learning Family Tutors develop a close relationship with their Learning Family and have the clearest overview of progress, guidance and academic achievement.

Each year group is led by a Head of Year who has overall responsibility for the well-being of pupils in their year group. Heads of Year are responsible for monitoring the progress of pupils and work with tutors to promote good attendance, positive behaviour and a vibrant community spirit. Together with our wider pastoral team, these colleagues provide support and guidance for each pupil.
Pupils are also allocated a House, and sporting, academic and other competitions are coordinated through the House system with prizes allocated throughout the year.

This strong, inclusive pastoral system promotes a sense of cohesion and belonging, and provides pupils with a smaller cohort of close peers with whom they will share their school experience. It facilitates friendly competition and opportunities for boys and girls to form close social bonds with pupils from different year groups.

“Our focus on positive behaviour, attendance and safeguarding provides the foundation for your child’s success.”
Mr Snoxell, Assistant Principal (Pastoral)