Charter Bermondsey Celebrates Black History Month 2023

We are excited to be part of this year’s “Saluting our Sisters” theme for Black History Month. Our programme kicks off with a launch in Learning Family Time, sharing the importance of BHM with students, and this year’s focus on women. We will be joined by Clare Williams PhD in our launch assembly, and later in the month by Stephen Bourne, author of “Black Poppies.” There will be music, hair care workshops, learning about becoming an entrepreneur and celebrations of our own “sisters” in school. 

Students have also started to share their own “salutes to sisters” and invite you to do the same. The best entries will be published in our Sway linked in the image below. Post your entry, celebrating a “sister” who has contributed to black history, on our Facebook page, or if you are a student, email Mr. Huntley.